Attention designers: 

From Avant-Garde to basics, we need specific designs that correspond to our particular needs and unless a member of our team has invited you to collaborate with us, you would have to submit your line and a Fashion Coordinator will get back to you.

how do we work with designers❔

1. We establish a 12 months agreement with all designers we choose to bring in.  See agreement HERE.

2. We select between 5 and 12 pieces from your available collections and Every 4 months if you choose to, we will switch designs with you so that we keep a fresh selection for our stylists. All pieces are returned at the end of our agreement.

3. As soon as we receive your pieces at our Style House in Los Angeles, they will immediately be made available for pulls to our celebrities and celebrity Stylists.                                                                           

4. As your results come in, we let you know thru our Social Medias and you will be contacted, also whenever you have a Magazine editorial, we will email you Hi resolution pictures. We make sure that our Celebrities and our Celebrity stylists know your social media tags and we take care of all proper magazine credits.

5. You may use your Results for all your marketing purposes including trade shows and social medias.


Young and trendy Hollywood stars are the new driving force of global fashion.....Ignore what they wear and you will fail.
— Anna Wintour